Which animals eat nuts?

by Jes @SnackFirst on Feb 02, 2017

Which animals eat nuts?

When we think of nuts, we know them as healthy snacks. Since they are widely grown and cultivated, naturally some animals do consume them too for the source of proteins and minerals. More than that, animals are essential to spread the seeds of the nuts to grow new trees. They occasionally hide nuts and forget about the hiding place, or even their droppings with nuts may germinate new trees. 

Ultimately, which animals eat nuts depend on their survival skills, thereby affecting their food type. If they are able to hunt for meat, and are predators like lions, owls, hawks and tigers, these carnivores would not consume any nuts, seeds or dried fruits.

Pigs and racoons are omnivores and they eat almost everything! Most omnivores like reptilian creatures such as crocodiles and snakes prefer meat but they can also consume nuts too. These reptiles have very sharp teeth for tearing meat and can similarly crack open nuts' shells. 

Mice such as rodents, rats, hamsters that have strong teeth to nibble on hard-shells snacks even though it is so hard for us humans to crack nuts open without some tools. Our teeth cannot do so as easily as animals, which are well equipped with hard and sharp fangs as they nibble on tree bark and other rough vegetation. Furry animals like monkeys, primates, chipmunks, rabbits love snacking on nuts too. All these creatures are classified as small herbivores. 

Larger herbivores like cows, sheeps, goats, buffalos and deers feed on grass, bark and shrubs. They do not have strong teeth to break open the nuts and will usually munch on plants instead. 

Not just them, birds are also a lover of our products, especially pistachios and seeds

Birds of prey, like hawks and eagles, are predators and are more likely to eat smaller animals like rats and rabbits.

Large birds which are not predators, such as ravens, crows and woodpeckers, prefer the whole nut. They would use their beak to crack it open and pop the whole thing in. Small birds prefer to break into bite sized morsels before swallowing them. Not just peanuts, other healthy snacks like seeds are also their daily diet. We do have some customers who rear parrots and informed us that their birds like to consume pistachios and crack the shells open for the love of it, just like us! 

Domesticated animals such as dogs and cats should not be fed nuts which contain salt and sugar like our Gourmet nut range. They should only take unprocessed or raw nuts and dried fruits so their digestive system will be able to accept them. 

Humans are omnivores and we consume the most nuts in the world!

Not just raw ones, we have also added flavour to nuts so that we can eat them as delicacies. Nuts are healthy for us and should be taken as part of our diet to satisfy our hunger and maintain our weight. Do start taking them today!


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