Which animals eat nuts?

Which animals eat nuts?

The most widely known ones are squirrels where the image of a squirrel eating a walnut is quite common. 

Pigs, mice and rats also eat nuts and seeds too. Well, pigs eat almost everything haha!

Not just that, birds are also a lover of our products. 

Large birds, such as ravens, crows and woodpeckers, prefer the whole peanut. They would use their beak to crack it open and pop the whole thing in. Small birds prefer to break into bite sized morsels. Not just peanuts, other healthy snacks like sunflower seeds are also their daily diet.

Now you know why there are bird pictures on our home page :)

The left picture shows a bird having lots of food to indulge in.

The middle picture implies that we are using birds as our delivery service.

The last picture shows an owl keeping an eye out to monitor our quality standards. 

*The pictures have been changed to descriptive pictures now, no more birds. However, these information are just good to know tidbits.

Hope you like them!