All about Lohei yusheng

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jan 31, 2017

All about Lohei yusheng

Lohei is a tradition in Chinese New year whereby people come together to toss food for good luck. It is usually eaten as an appetizer and contains the following ingredients:

1) 生鱼 Salmon sashimi 
Greetings: 年年有余 
Definition: May you never lack for anything

2) 柚子 Pomelo 
Definition: Wishing you good luck and good fortune

3)  胡椒粉 White Pepper 
Greetings: 招财进宝 
Definition: May you have more wealth and fortune

4) 油 Oil 
Greetings: 财源广进 
Definition: Wishing you have more sources of wealth

5) 红萝卜 Carrot 
Greetings: 鸿运当头
Definition: Wishing you the best of luck

6) 青萝卜Green Radish
Definition: May you be young forever

7) 白萝卜White Radish 
Definition: May you continue to progress and prosper

8) 花生粉 Peanuts Crumbs 
Greetings: 黄金满屋 
Definition: May your house be full of gold

9) 芝麻 Sesame seeds 
Greetings: 生意兴隆
Definition: May your business prosper

10) 饼干 Golden crackers 
Greetings: 遍地黄金 
Definition: May your floor be covered with gold

11) 酸梅酱Plum sauce 
Greetings: 甜甜蜜蜜 
Definition: May you have sweet and loving relationships

You realise there is no 身体健康 which means to have good health. I really think that is the most important instead of wealth and fortune. For a healthier and crunchier snack food recipe, you can substitute peanut crumbs with pine nuts and sesame seeds with sunflower seeds

Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy new year! Huat ah!


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