Gifting? Here are a few ways we can help.

Gifting? Here are a few ways we can help.

e receive many requests for snacks giveaway and have a few tricks to help you surprise your recipients. You wouldn't go wrong with snacks, especially with our yummilicious selections ūüėč


Step 1: Decide based on budget. 
Step 2: Make payment. 
Step 3: Contact us for customisation of labels or gift cards.

1. Single serve: 

25g party packs - $1 to $2. 

95g gift packs - $3 to 4.

Custom 150g ‚Äď 200g snacks - $5 to $7 per kraft paper bag

2. Snacks only gifts: 

3 x 25g or 95g in paper bags - At least $9.90 per bundle. 

All Snacks box - At least $16.90 per box

3. Snacks with drinks care packs or hamper

Snacks and drinks box - At least $16.90 per box

4. Gift cards

For bulk purchases, you can make your payment first before sending us the addresses and details in an excel file.

Party Packs 


Finding door gifts or that you need to distribute to many people? This is perfect. Packed in 25g or 95g packs, it is small, easy to carry around or just put in your bag. Each bag contains a specific snack and can be eaten in one serving. Want to brand or say something on every bag? No problem, we print and paste custom stickers on each individual packet, making sure that everyone knows who the genius is behind the gift.

How it works

  • If you don't need any customisation, we have 4¬†popular flavours and the ingredients are pasted at the back.
  • If you¬†need more than 100 bags and label customisation, email us the design you want, or we could send you some templates to work on
  • Check the product pages for more information and pictures!
    • For 25g Nuts & Fruits packs, go ūüĎČ here
    • For 95g¬†Nuts & Fruits¬†packs,¬†go¬†ūüĎȬ†here
    • For 40g Biscuits packs,¬†go¬†ūüĎȬ†here

Snack Gifts (No Drinks)

You prefer only snacks and no drinks in your boxes. Prices are inclusive of courier shipping to individual address and GST.

Choose your preferred snacks and ship them in boxes, go¬†ūüĎȬ†here

Choose your preferred snacks and distribute them in bags, go¬†ūüĎȬ†here

Snack Boxes (Snacks + Drinks)

You have more budget per pax and thinking of a variety of snacks to give? This is perfect. We assemble a variety of snacks and drinks into a box and can even send it out to individual addresses for you. We are increasingly working from home and this is an easy way to show your colleagues and friends that you care.

If you are doing it for an event, we can even custom print and personalise a box cover so that it matches the theme of your event.

How it works

  • Snacks are placed in our mailing boxes (like a pizza box)
  • We have low calorie, zero sugar drinks to indulgent snacks for you to choose from
  • Choose from our curated boxes¬†
  • We can send each box to individual¬†addresses, or send in bulk to a single¬†location,¬†go ūüĎȬ†here

Gift Cards

If you can't decide which flavours to choose, this is perfect. Buy a gift card from us, send it to your recipient and they can shop to their heart's desire on our website.

How it works

  • Buy a gift card of certain amount
  • Put in your recipient's details in the shipping (or you can put in your email)
  • They¬†will receive an email with their unique code (if you are using your own, you can forward the email or the code)
  • They can use the code during checkout
  • Any unutilized value from their gift card can be used in a next purchase
  • We will receive their order and ship¬†it out!
  • Ready to roll? see our gift cards¬†ūüĎȬ†here

Bulk Discount Codes

If you are thinking that you would have to buy a gift card one by one for the hundreds of people you are gifting, fret not! We can offer you bulk discount codes and help you send an unique code to each of your recipient, where they can use it to purchase snacks on our website. Definitely use this if you have 50 recipients and above.

How it works

  • Send your logo and message requirements to us and make payment
  • We will then send an email to each of your recipient containing their unique discount code
  • They can use the code during checkout
  • We will receive their order and ship¬†it out!
  • Each discount code can only be used with one order
  • Any discount value not fully utilized will be forfeited
  • Ready to roll?¬†Send us an email!

All right, now that you know our gift options, we want you to know that we have hundreds of snacks to choose from. On a more recent note, more snacks and drinks are added into our menu! So, if you are still wondering how everything can fit into your requirements, hit us up with an email!

Send it to We are pretty flexible and will work something up with you. 

Gifting? Make us your choice ūüėĀ