Introducing our new premium cookies range: The Worthy Collection

by Lucas @SnackFirst on Aug 08, 2023

Introducing our new premium cookies range: The Worthy Collection

Hey fellow snack lovers, we've got some exciting news to share. Over the past year, we have been trying to bring you something special: baked goods made with premium ingredients. And guess what? We've done it! We're thrilled to introduce you to the Worthy Collection.

Finding exceptional artisanal bakers wasn't a piece of cake (pun intended). We were determined to find partners who not only create delectable treats but also share our commitment to consistent quality. We had many tasting sessions (tough job, we know), and finally stumbled upon one who whisked us away with just one bite. Whenever we tasted fantastic snacks, the same question echoed in us: Why aren't these exceptional snacks more widely available?

Launching new snacks might sound mundane – get samples, take pictures, copyright, and create them on our online stores – but this time, we faced a dilemma. How do we set these cookies apart from the old school classics? These new cookies couldn't win on price; they win on taste. Clearly, we needed a name that would instantly convey the exceptional quality of these new cookies.

The usual suspects came to mind. "Premium" came first, describing the cookies perfectly. Then "Gourmet" crossed our minds, but they felt overused. How about "Finest"? While we might someday sell on Fairprice Finest, that day isn't here yet. "Artisanal" is good search term, but we don't want to tarnish the name of dedicated bakers who produce amazing delicacies. I even consulted ChatGPT for suggestions.


chatgpt results 1

 And then I let it run wild.

chatgpt results 2

These provided creative ideas to fuel a great brainstorming session! Thanks ChatGPT. I liked the word "Signature," and had to look up the exotic "Epicurean" 😅 Jes wasn't too enthusiastic about them and suggested "Nutsy." "Nutsy" seemed fitting for our initial range of nut-infused cookies and biscottis. But alas, we quickly shelved it as it has an unintended association that doesn't sit right.

It was getting us nowhere. After a brief pause, we realised that we were missing the point. We needed to go back to the root of our mission: promoting a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The real challenge is in finding that balance. We believe in enjoying life's indulgences while maintaining a healthy diet. And when we do indulge, it should always be worthy. Worthy of the taste, worthy of the moment, and yes, even worthy of those extra calories.

And that's it! "Worthy," a word that embodies our purpose. To be "Worthy," these treats have to be delicious, and we believe these cookies and biscottis truly capture that essence. It was even worth the extra effort we put into enhancing our labeling system to give these goodies the recognition they deserve.

Normal versus worthy labels
Let's give it another look on our packaging.
normal versus worthy packaging

Check them out here. We genuinely hope you love them as much as we do. Here's to snacks that are truly Worthy! Cheers!

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