Hi there! This is Jes and Lucas and we are excited to have you reading our story.

Snack later, diet first. It has always been known that snacks are bad for health and give you unnecessary calories, such as bah kwa, chocolates and egg rolls. We want to change your mindset as snacks do not have to be unhealthy.

Think about nuts, seedsdried fruits and granola. They are so packed with goodness and able to supplement or even substitute a meal. The natural occurring antioxidants and other vitamins found in them can help to delay aging, fight cancer and lose weight. Of course, they have to be tasty too yet able to provide lots of nutritional benefits. 

The idea of SnackFirst first take root because Jes was pregnant and she could not find healthy snacks available in supermarkets. Not only that, the variety was very limited and online purchases always amount to high delivery charges. She roped in Lucas who is proficient in web design and he created the website you see here. 

For people who are health and weight conscious, these super food are much more natural than taking vitamins. From pregnant mums to kids to bodybuilders and senior citizens, if you are taking a proactive effort to improve your health, then we are doing this for you.

We are the only snack shop with Free Shipping in Singapore!

 We have the freshest stocks with a wide variety available

 Our product range are sold to hotel, caterers and restaurants or even exported but we work with our partners to bring them directly to end customers like you!

 We have jumbo bags for avid eaters and serious bakers, and also party packs for celebrations!

For people who like traditional snacks, we have cookies, old school biscuits, keropok and crackers. Slowly but surely, we we will bring more tasty snacks to you from afar.

All right guys, SnackFirst, talk later.