5 reasons why you should not eat nuts

by Jes @SnackFirst on Feb 03, 2017

5 reasons why you should not eat nuts
Nuts are snacks. Snacks are unnecessary and additional calories. They are heaty and should not be consumed at all. Avoid them especially during Chinese New Year as you will see those processed nuts you buy from supermarkets.

Top reasons why you should not eat nuts at all

1. You do not need a strong heart.

Nuts are high in fats but more than 70% is unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are essential for the body to absorb Vitamins A, D and E. They lower cholesterol by decreasing the LDL “bad” cholesterol and maintaining the HDL “good” cholesterol.  and thus the risk of stroke and heart diseases is reduced.

2. You are healthy and do not need a stronger immune system

Unsaturated fats contain Omega 3 and 6 that are vital to help regulate blood pressure, blood formation and most importantly, the immune system. All these enhances the fight against arthritis, anxiety and depression. Nuts also contain Selenium that not just helps in immune system, but also protect our cells from oxidative stress.

3. You do not need to be stronger

Nuts are a great source of magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. All these are paramount to building strong muscles and bone structure, and not to forget the calcium and proteins component too. The proteins content is an important building block for just about everything - blood, cartilage, bone, skin and of course, muscles. Not just that, they are also great in metabolizing energy, giving you an energy booster.

4. You age gracefully and hope to look older

The new wonderful vitamins that can help prevent aging is copper and it is no coincidence that nuts are packed with it. Not to forget antioxidants like Vitamin E is also found to prevent damage caused by toxins and free radicals so that your body can remain healthy. All nuts should not be eaten if you are trying to get more wrinkles

5. You do not like to snack

With all these being said, some people just do not like to snack though most of them are just afraid of gaining weight. However, the source of calories does matter and eating nuts to boost your heart functions, immune systems, muscle and bone structure is definitely necessary in your life.

It is a wonder how something so tasty can be such a healthy snack too. The store-bought nuts are mostly full of harmful fats, sugar and salt content so they seriously have to be limited. Not our nuts though, you can indulge with a peace of mind, especially the raw ones, suitable snacks for kids too.

Disclaimer: The amount of unsaturated fat intake should not exceed 30% of your daily calorie limits. Too much is definitely no good! All these information are just for educational purposes and written in jest. 

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