Top 5 old school snacks that are still popular today

by Jes @SnackFirst on May 16, 2017

Top 5 old school snacks that are still popular today

We take a walk down memory lane and check out what the 80s kids love to eat. Not just that, we compare it with the snacks that kids still love today. Here we bring you the top 5 old school biscuits that are still well loved by the children nowadays.

1) Nostalgic Iced Gem biscuits

Seeing how BreadTalk is also selling this biscuits, you can be assured of its popularity. The colourful icing at the top is so instagram-worthy and if you think only kids love this snack, you are wrong. Adults and seniors like to munch on them too, perhaps to relive some nostalgic memories of the past. 

2) Bouncy baby ball (Tamago boro)

These egg biscuits look so cute but their crunch is hard and tender. It's a favourite among kids and real eggs were used to bake them. They are easy to hold and tasty as treats. Parents usually give this as kids' first snack.


3) Butterfly ear biscuits (Pig's ears)

A forever classic biscuit, the ear biscuits are shaped just like a pig's ear and gives a hard crunch. The taste is like the inside of the ear, just kidding! It tastes like old school biscuits with a hard bite and an earthy flavour. Although it looks ugly, you cannot deny that it indeed has a memorable shape.

4) Couch Potato Wheel biscuits

The potato wheel biscuits is well liked by many thanks to the flavourful seasoning. The soft and tender bite makes it addictive and easy to eat. Not just kids, even seniors love this biscuits for they go easy on their jaws and dentures. 

5) Curly string biscuits

These string biscuits will never go out of style. The shape is unique and irreplaceable. As there are several layers braided together, the crunch is indeed hard and crispy. However, the crunchiness will shatter the exterior to give rise to crumbly layers within. It makes for an enjoyable snack with coffee and a must try for everyone.

These snacks are all healthier than potato chips and contain no preservative. They are also certified halal and guaranteed delicious! Which biscuits have you not tried? Try some today!


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