Are artificial sweeteners bad for health?

by Jes @SnackFirst on May 18, 2017

Are artificial sweeteners bad for health?

Sugar free drinks and diet coke, they have a common point which is to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. The 5 sweeteners we commonly see are saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose. They are indeed advantageous because they deliver sweetness but give zero calories. Zero! How wonderful for diabetics and obese people who should avoid sugar. 

However, there are some real concerns. One problem the experts foresee is that the people who should avoid sugar or calories may actually consume them in other forms, meaning they overcompensate resulting in a worse case scenario.

Taking diet coke and ice cream together instead of just normal coke is not going to help.

The other problem is that people will get used to eating overly sweet food. Bland but natural food such as vegetables and fruits may not be good enough for them and there might be a reduction in consumption in actual healthy snacks. That will be a complete back fire!

It is no wonder that a study found that people who drinks diet soda are twice more likely to be obese than the people who did not. All these suggest that artificial sweeteners are doing more harm than good. 

We recommend that you take fruits or dried fruits and our healthy snacks if you are concerned about your health. With good health comes happiness!

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