5 healthy snacks best for pregnant mothers

by Jes @SnackFirst on May 11, 2017

5 healthy snacks best for pregnant mothers

It's strange to be pregnant. Your body changes, your appetite changes and now you have to watch what you eat for the sake of your precious baby. Flooded by so many unhealthy food in the market, it's only natural that pregnant mummies will want to snack healthy. Mummies tend to snack more often because they are full easily yet hungry soon after. I would vomit whenever I become hungry so for mummies like me, we have got to have some snacks with us. 

The top 5 snacks that are highly recommended are:

1) Fruits/ Dried fruits

As per our last article showing that dried fruits have similar nutrients to fresh fruits, fruits are definitely naturally sweet and healthy. Some fruits that have no dried version include avocado, cherries, oranges, all with healthy vitamins that are beneficial for the baby. Raisins are best for snacks on-the-go and handy in emergencies!

2) Nuts and seeds

There is this study to confirm that eating nuts is safe for mothers so you can eat without worries now. Walnuts, cashew, pine nuts and almonds are the best for pregnant mummies with the high nutritional content. The nutrients are all listed at our page so for omega 3, walnut is the best choice. Not to forget, seeds are also nutritional powerhouse. So small in size but they add up to wonderful vitamins for the mummies. Raw nuts and seeds are the most healthy snacks you can find! 

3) Egg whole wheat sandwich/salad

Eggs have high proteins and they are delicious no matter how they are cooked. However, it is safer to eat them cooked thoroughly to prevent any food poisoning. Hard boiled eggs with store bought mayonnaise which are pasteurized are everyone's favourite, not just mummies. It is easy to prepare and suitable for everyone.

4) Cheese and crackers/tortillas

Not all cheese are acceptable for pregnant mummies as some cheese are more prone to grow bacteria. These cheese to avoid include, camembert, goat cheese and blue-veined cheese. Cheeses to consume heartily for their high calcium content are mozzarella, parmesan, feta, cheddar and ricotta. Luckily, these edible cheeses are the widely available kinds so snack away!

5) Yoghurt and granola

Baby needs more calcium, and a good idea is to get from yoghurt with the enhanced folates and proteins in it. The probiotics can also help prevent a bad stomach and help settle any digestion problems too. Layer it with some low in sugar granola and fresh fruits, you are getting an ultra nutritious yet delicious snack out of it!

We make small party packs available so everyone can take some healthy snacks while on the move. Snack healthily and be a happy mum!

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