5 impressive benefits of ginger

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jul 31, 2018

5 impressive benefits of ginger

The majority of the people are like me, we don't really like the taste of ginger. It is too strong, overwhelmingly pepper-ish taste and not at all nice to eat on its own. Most women have to take ginger especially during confinement period as it was said that ginger 'dispels chill', bringing warmth to the body and prevent colds. But how true is it? Let's explore the proven benefits of ginger and you will understand why it has its fans.  

1) Treats nausea

Nausea is hard to treat and ginger is especially useful during morning sickness. Even for motion sickness or sea sickness, ginger has been used as a long term medicinal presciption to relieving vomiting. There are cancer patients who take ginger regularly and doctors who suggest drinking ginger tea or sucking on ginger pills for post-surgery patients. For me, I think it does work during my morning sickness. Just start with something mild like ginger honey tea and see if they work.  

2) Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

If you have joint pains, muscle aches, or osteoarthritis, ginger has been proven to help in the large reduction of joint tensions with daily consumption. That is why many athletes are taking ginger to boost their performance to soothe the stress exerted to their body.

Besides the anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can also help in your digestive system and lower the risk of stomach and gut problems. If you have indigestion problem, it's probably a good idea to start taking ginger. 

3) Eases cramps and pains

Good news ladies! Not just for morning sickness, ginger is also effective in treating menstrual cramps. Studies show that ginger is effective to relieve pain, similar to pills like ibuprofen and mefanamic acid. An all natural remedy and can even protect against stomach ulcers, try some already!

4) Lowers cholesterol levels

There is a reason why your parents and grandparents love ginger so much. They understand the magical abilities of ginger. One particular advantage is ginger can reduce bad LDL cholesterol yet improve on your good HDL cholesterol levels. It also helps in regulating blood levels and thereby reduces the risk to heart problems and other complications. Regular consumption of ginger is a key to keeping our heart healthy for a long time.  

5) Prevent cancer

Ginger has been studied for many centuries over its cancer fighting properties, similar to turmeric. Gingerol, a substance found in ginger has been shown to reduce the risk in ovarian, pancreatic and breast cancer, although more research are still ongoing to prove its effectiveness. Not just cancer, the antioxidants present can boost our brain health and even prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Cognitive functions appear to be greatly improved with just 1g of ginger only! 


From your brain, to your body, to your stomach and joints and even to relieve pain and nausea, ginger is definitely a great natural herb to consume daily. Use them in stir fry pork or chicken, or drink ginger tea or extract. You can also add honey or lemon to improve its taste whenever you have a cough, flu or sore throat. 

Our dried Detoxifying ginger, which has added a little bit of sugar to improve the taste, is also a great idea for a healthy snack. Incorporate them into your diet to see the effectiveness!


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