Ketogenic diet - The celebrities' way to lose weight

by Jes @SnackFirst on Aug 14, 2018

Ketogenic diet - The celebrities' way to lose weight

Gwyneth Paltrow, Lebron James, and Kim Kardashian - What do these celebrities have in common?

They are so into ketogenic diet which skyrocketed this eating plan to red-hot popularity in recent years. Carbohydrates have been found to be the evil stepmother to lose weight which is why ketogenic diet promotes extremely low amount of carbohydrates. 

What is ketogenic diet?

Instead of plain fasting, a ketogenic diet consists of around 75% fats, 20% proteins, and just 5% from carbohydrates. The body becomes a fat-burning machine due to the lack of glucose from carbohydrates, and ketones are produced instead, resulting in a ketosis state. During ketosis, these ketones are used as energy for the body, and burning of fats become more efficient.

Benefits of ketogenic diet

Weight loss is the top benefit, followed by good complexion and reducing the risk of certain heart and other diseases. It is said that you will not feel hungry easily and yet feel more mentally alert and focused. 

How to start a ketogenic diet?

Grains like rice, bread, noodles, pasta and cereal
Sugar like white sugar, honey, soft drinks and candies
Fruit like apples, bananas and oranges
Starchy food like fries, yams, beans and legumes

Meat like fish, beef, lamb, chicken and bacon
Vegetables like bok choy, salads, spinach, broccoli
Fats like cheese, salad dressing, butter, lard, chicken skins
Nuts and seeds like macadamias, walnuts, sunflower seeds
Some fruits like avocado, coconut and berries
Others like eggs, olives, mushrooms

Water and wine
Coffee and tea without sugar added
Diet soft drinks like diet coke

What to eat in Singapore for a ketogenic diet?

Breakfast - All kinds of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, vegetables

Lunch - Tortilla wraps, burritos, salad, yong tau hu, fish soup

Dinner- Soups, meat, sashimi, salad, mushrooms

Not easy at all I agree, especially when you order chicken rice without rice or 'cai fan' vegetable rice without rice. Do snack more on berries and nuts so that you don't feel hungry and load up with good, healthy fats. The best way to do this diet is still to cook on your own. 

The best part of all, you don't have to starve yourself without food and that's probably a very good diet to start with. 


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