Superfruit Blackcurrants - The powerhouse of vitamins!

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jul 24, 2018

Superfruit Blackcurrants - The powerhouse of vitamins!

We are coming up with new snacks every month to increase our variety so that everyone can find something they like! Of course, it would be best if the snacks are healthy and considered a superfood.

One such new snack is the powerhouse of vitamins, dried blackcurrants!

It's not such a common treat which is why we were shocked and how healthy it is. Everyone has heard of it because blackcurrant flavour is popular especially in ribena. However, for a long time, many farmers thought that blackcurrant was responsible for fungus growth that killed pine trees. It was banned for a period of time which is why less than 1% of the population knew or heard about it. 

However, these reasons should get you started on trying them:

1) Jam-packed with vitamins

Vitamins A, B, C, E, you name it, they have them. The most note-worthy is Vitamin C, which contains anti-oxidants and great for your complexion. Blackcurrants contain 4 times the amount of Vitamin C compared to oranges and twice the amount in blueberries, so you can imagine how powerfully nutritious it really is!

2) Rich in Anthocyanins

Antocyanins are found in purple/red food and fruits. These antioxidants are found only in berries, pomengranate, purple sweet potato, grapes and beetroot. They have many health benefits and some significant ones are preventing diabetes, obesity and even cancer which is why these group of foods are usually called the Superfoods. Blackcurrants have the highest content of antocyanins among other fruits and vegetables, making them King of the Superfoods!

3) Boost your eye power

Not just antioxidants, Vitamin C also contains linoleic acid and GLA, and studies have found that they improve our eyes ability to see better in the dark, and also slow progression of glaucoma in people. If your eyes feel tired after a long day at work, blackcurrants are useful in relieving fatigue and discomfort in your visual senses. 

4) Boost immune system

Far more nutritious than common Superfoods such as goji berries and blue berries, it is no wonder they are Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow's favourite fruits. The vitamins it contain are not just anti-inflammatory, they can also enhance the immune system, prevent sore throats and also flu. The anti-inflammatory properties can go further to help ease joint pains and muscle stiffness, definitely a huge advantage for elderly and athletes!


Studies have claimed black currants are the number 1 queen of fruits, in terms of nutrition and health benefits and now we fully agree. You might want to consider our Superfruit Blackcurrants instead of drinking Ribena, as there is no additional sugar in it! 

I will surely be eating some every day! :)


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