Nuts should be prescribed to fight diseases

by Jes @SnackFirst on Feb 20, 2018

Nuts should be prescribed to fight diseases
  1. Coronary heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Premature death
  4. Respiratory disease
  5. Diabetes

What do all these have in common? Besides being common human diseases, nuts are actually the panacea for all of the above listed. A handful of nuts, around 30g a day can actually help to reduce the risk by up to 40%. 

That's a very high percentage just by eating some tasty snacks!

These health boosting properties are not myths or even hearsay, doctors from National Health Science in England think nuts should be prescribed as actual medicine as they found consistent reduction in risk across the board for many different diseases, many of those are still undergoing investigating for concrete results.

The results are so glaring and significant for such a small amount of food!

Some nuts like walnuts and pecans, have high amount of antioxidants which can lead to reduced oxidative stress and possibly cut risk of cancer. Not just that, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of nuts, it's high time nuts are prescribed to everyone's daily diet to fight heart diesases, saving taxpayers billions of dollars in health care. 

Nuts can even make you lose weight, what's there not to like?

Just don't recommend them to people with nuts allergy


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