Squirrel Walnuts (Raw/Baked/Sea Salt) 150g/800g 核桃 (生/烘培/海盐)

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Baked without saltBaked without salt
Sea SaltSea Salt
400g x 2 bags400g x 2 bags

Cancer fighting. Anti Aging. Weight loss. Highest antioxidants among nuts. Walnuts are the superfood of the century. Many articles also recommend walnuts to breastfeeding mothers thanks to the boost in calcium and proteins. They are not called the King of Nuts for nothing.

Enjoy the crunchy but not too hard bites, with a woody, earthy, wholesome flavour. It is highly recommended that you take 14 halves of these walnuts daily to ensure maximum health benefits and total enjoyment. Able to snack every day while boosting your nutrition content? A dream come true.

Raw nuts have the most nutrition as they are not 'processed' and retains the most vitamins. If you do not want salt in your snacks but yet prefer better crunchiness, baked nuts are just for you. If you prefer better taste and crunchiness, we would recommend Sea Salt Roasted nuts instead. 

 Raw Walnuts: Ingredient: Walnuts only. Country of origin: USA

Baked Walnuts: Ingredient: Walnuts only. Country of origin: Singapore

 Sea Salt Roasted Walnuts: Ingredient: Walnuts, sea salt, cornstarch. Country of origin: Malaysia



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Raw Walnuts Baked Walnuts