How much nuts is too much?

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 07, 2017

How much nuts is too much?

Some websites recommend 24 cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts or peanuts a day. Some say Macadamia is fine to indulge because it is so full of the 'good' fats. Others say snacks for kids have to be even lesser. Some say 1 ounce or and around 40g is sufficient. 

As we do not yet have an official guideline, we have to estimate the limit to be a handful. One hand full. Not more than that every day for nuts and seeds. For seeds, it is around 1 tablespoon, perfect when you add into salad or cereal. We also took the guideline from Health Promotion Board so as to stay healthy while snacking. You can also check out our nutritional information from USDA databases to monitor the amount you will need.

It's hard to us too because it is usually too difficult to stop... the crunchy texture, the nutty flavour, the satisfaction of munching them. Ultimate indulgence. 

Warning to ourselves: Try not to eat too much so as not to cancel out the benefits! Healthy snacks ideas can also become unhealthy ones with over indulgence.


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