Are dried fruits unhealthy?

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 14, 2017

Are dried fruits unhealthy?

Many people thought dried fruits are fattening and high in sugar, but not if you buy the right kinds. 

With our kinds, which is unprocessed and without preservatives, they are natural and contain more nutrients than fresh fruits of the same weight. Dried fruits are just removing the water but all the healthy goodness such as dietary fiber, antioxidants, potassium are still intact! 

Just like seeds, they make one feel more satisfied with just a serving and less likely will a person have to eat other food. That is also why they are the best snacks to bring for camping, trails, hiking, mountaineering and other sports events. Nutritious, easy to carry along, light weight and able to fulfil your appetite, now that's what I call a good idea for a healthy snack!

However, as per all snacks, too much is never good. A handful of nuts and fruits are enough for a day. Our 200g packs are just nice for your 1 week consumption. They are also perfect for little kids and babies, just take note that they might keep asking for more.

One thing to highlight is our big, juicy, golden, jumbo raisins! When we first saw it, we were so shocked because they are really big! Not to forget, really super sweet. Highly recommended to try because you cannot find it elsewhere. Great healthy snacks for kids and suitable in food recipes.

Warning: Many raisins were lost during the photography process. Highly addictive =P

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