How to grow almonds?

by Jes @SnackFirst on May 09, 2017

How to grow almonds?

Almonds trees are small like around 4 to 10 metres and they take 5 years to grow fruits. There are 2 types of almonds special, one sweet another bitter. Of course the sweet one is better for consumers, the bitter one has cyanide in them that is poisonous to us. Almonds grow best in dry summer followed by wet winters with temperature from 15 to 30C. Top producers of almonds are USA, Spain, Australia and Iran.

One almonds tree can produce 15kg of nuts in a year for up to 50 years. The fruits are small green hulls and they split open when they are ripe.

The cracked shells are left to dry for a week before they are being sorted by size. It is much easier to harvest than cashew because their shells do not contain anything poisonous. Thus, just leaving it for air dry is easily done.


Following a salmonellosis issue in 2007, almonds in USA and many other countries have to go through steaming or chemical treatment as an additional prevention. So not to worry, your almonds are definitely safe for consumption.

Almonds are generally used in pastries, desserts and cookies. The more interesting functions are almond milk for lactose intolerant people, almond flour for gluten intolerant people and almond syrup for a sweet drink. Almond butter are also on becoming popular! 

These creamy nuts are highly nutritious and high in antioxidants and healthy fats so it is a good idea to consume around 23 almonds every day. You can check out our Nutritional Info for the daily limits for all the nuts. Get the 1kg jumbo bag now for the whole family and you can compare to find that our prices are even cheaper than those found in supermarket!

Try some today :)


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