Top 5 presents to get your valentine

by Jes @SnackFirst on Feb 14, 2017

Top 5 presents to get your valentine

It's Valentine's day so we have consolidated a list of special products that you can buy for your loved ones! Our top 5 picks are: 

1) Electronic gadgets

Honestly guys, stick with what you are good at and what she is not in general cases. Most guys know more about gadgets than girls so it should be a safe bet. Hard disk, bluetooth hands-free earpiece, selfie stick, handphone car holder, cover, or even the accessories! They are definitely practical and much appreciated. A hair straightener that can double up as a curler is also a cool idea that most guys will not think to buy. For girls, you can give him a thumb drive that include your love story and photos in nice powerpoint slides and heartfelt messages in it!

2) Thermal flask

Working adults normally need it for their coffee/tea and it's great for travels. If you have time to spare, plan a picnic (with nuts and seeds of course!). Otherwise, let me share with you the perfect way to worm into her heart: Fill it with hot cocoa/coffee and bring it to surprise him/her on a cold night and you are bound to get lucky that night.

3) Jewelry/watch box

I have found that every girl needs a jewelry box and every guys wants a watch box. Surprisingly, none of my friends have got a nice, fashionable and big one with lots of compartments to store the accessories. If you have also bought some accessories for them then store it inside and wait for he/she to find out!

4) Customized travel kit

One of my best and most thoughtful gift that I have received. It contains some basic medication, nail clipper, band-aids, zip lock bags, small bottles of sun screen, lip balm and knick knacks. With some good packaging, you can even sell it as a plan for your next overseas trip together. Swee.

5) Hand made/ home made stuff

Nothing says I love you as much as the effort he/she sees in your present. A home made dinner, cake, dessert, chocolate will touch them even if it tastes disgusting. Hand made cards, scrap book, little sweet notes/post-its, a simple drawing captured on camera and sent to her, even a customized desktop or mobile wall paper/ screen saver will secure your happiness late into the night. Bakers can buy our fresh, healthy snacks in bulk too. 

Extra) A nice bottle of nuts

Is he/she a snacker like us? Why not put nuts into a gift bottle and also a love message to make a thoughtful gift? We are interested to explore this and if you like this idea too, let us know!

Even if you are married, you shouldn't take your relationship for granted and should continue to put in effort to create some romance once in a while. Please share your best gifts and feedback so that we can all benefit from it! Good luck everyone!


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