Origin and fun facts about some popular snacks

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 13, 2018

Origin and fun facts about some popular snacks

Nowadays, you are spoiled with choices on the amount of snacks down the aisle. It's a party fest out there with snacks all around the world and consumers' taste have also changed throughout the decades. Let's take a look at the history of some of our popular snacks:

1912: World's famous cookie, Oreo was invented. They first come packed in glass jars at 25 cents per pound.

1930s: Snickers, Fritos, Ritz and Lay's were a booming business for this decade even though the economy was not doing that great.

1940s: Hershey's started producing M&Ms as they needed a chocolate that could endure high temperatures so as to send them to soldiers overseas involved in World War 2.

1950s: This was the start of fast-food chains that achieved international success for Mcdonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Thanks to the end of war, people have the money for it and were very willing to try new taste.

1960s: New technologies into chips developed into Ruffles, Pringles and Doritos. Pringles was especially notable because they come packed in bottles to prevent crumbles during transportation.

1980s: It was the era of experimentation to include new and unique seasonings to the chips instead of plain old BBQ and spicy flavours. Cool ranch, sweet onion and cheese flavours started booming then.

2000s: People started to be more health conscious and learnt to read the labels closely. Hand in hand with environmental consciousness, there was the proliferation of healthy snacks and the need to move away from potato chips to nuts. Superfoods are trending and more salad bars are popping up at the same pace as K-pop!

Nuts can even be eaten to fight diseases which is why there is an ever increasing demand for more range of raw and gourmet nuts. Notice how your taste buds also change as you age? 

Don't fight it, give in to healthy snacks today!


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