Hello world!

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jan 20, 2017

Hello world!

This is Jes and Lucas and we are happy you want to know more about us. 

SnackFirst was born because we love to buy nuts and seeds everywhere, even while we are travelling overseas. We thought they are so delicious yet healthy and more people should be eating them. 

So we asked around why our friends and family are not jumping on the bandwagon and these are the top reasons:

  1. Healthy snacks are too expensive
  2. Those sold at supermarkets contain too much salt and oil
  3. Not easy to find delicious and healthy ones in raw form

Thus, we strive to solve all these problems by setting up this online store. By partnering with wholesalers, we could bring the cost down. By sourcing only the truly healthy snacks that have minimum salt and oil. By taking on the task of expanding our search for healthy snacks not just sold in Singapore but worldwide.

The world is our stage.

If you have a wishlist or some food you really yearn to get your hands on, let us know here and we might do something about it. You might be benefiting the others who have the same idea as you.


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