Fresh bakes - Cookies and biscuits

by Jes @SnackFirst on Apr 27, 2017

Fresh bakes - Cookies and biscuits

Many people have been asking us when are we going to bring in more variety of snacks. Reasons being some people don't like to eat nuts, some people have allergy issues and kids are not as fond of nuts and dried fruits. 

So, we have to hunt tirelessly for new products and finally found some hot favourites! 

Our traditional, 90s, back to the past, old school biscuits! Granted, you can see many local groceries shop selling these popular snacks. However, you can't find them as readily online and all other shops are asking for bulk orders or high delivery prices. We offer FREE SHIPPING!

This old school biscuits range fits nicely into our portfolio because they do not contain any preservatives. We also have tasty yet healthy snacks like our nuts and seeds range. Our snacks are definitely healthier than potato chips, popcorn and other processed snacks. 

One point to note is that we also offer them in party packs. Especially for kids who love iced gem and want them in birthday parties, we are here for you!

For adults, if you are looking for unique gifts, look no further. Give a taste of nostalgia and we can specially pack them in glass bottles. It's a cool fusion of simplicity and retro, definitely a unique gift.


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