Easy pineapple rice recipe

by Jes @SnackFirst on Apr 25, 2017

Easy pineapple rice recipe

Pineapple rice is popular in Singapore and mostly found in Thai restaurants. However, it is not really a local Thai dish as they are only eaten by tourists in Thailand. Let's take a look at this easy recipe:


4 garlic cloves 
100g chicken breast 
1 packet french beans
2 cups cooked rice
100g diced pineapple (fresh or canned)
2 tbsp raw or roasted cashew nuts
2 tbsp dried raisins

Mix Sauce: 1 tbsp pineapple juice 1 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp light soy sauce


1) Cut chicken into bite sized chunks and marinate with 1tbsp huadiao wine, light soy sauce, 1 tsp salt and some pepper.  

2) Fry onion and garlic followed by french beans for 10 minutes. Leave a space in the middle and add in the chicken and fry until the meat is opaque colour. 

3) Add rice and pour the mixed sauce. Stir fry for another 10 minutes. 

4) Add pineapple, cashew nuts, raisins and stir fry for another minute or two. 

 How forgetful, I forgot to take the picture with the black raisins too! Ahhh... shall do it next time :)


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