Our new launch - Savoury and baked nuts!

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jun 22, 2017

Our new launch - Savoury and baked nuts!

Our plan has always been to bring delicious, rare snacks to everyone in Singapore.

However, because we started with raw nuts, dried fruits and seeds, many people thought we are only into healthy snacks. We can't deny it is the trend nowadays to have subscription boxes in the form of healthy snacks but we are not just that. 

We are an online snack shop, which has both healthy and slightly unhealthy snacks. Most importantly, they are all tasty!

It is easy to find delicious snacks in Singapore but it is not easy to find a good partner who is willing to sell online and yet, accept ad-hoc orders. The journey is tough but we have managed to do so! 

I am happy to announce that we finally have quite a complete range of nuts with the savoury nuts and also a variety of mixes. Some of my personal favourites:

1) Satay Sunkissed Cashew - A crunchy, addictive coating around the sweet cashew nuts, this is special and never before seen in the market.

2) Oishi Japanese nuts - We have tried many kinds but we can guarantee this is the most delicious Japanese nuts you will find. Many do not have the fragrant taste or have very small ikan bilis, once you try it you will instantly know ours is more of a superior quality. There were orders even before we launch this!

3) Crunchy Medley - A surprising mix with cashew, almonds and hazelnuts. Many have not tried hazelnuts but this mix will definitely wow you with the incredible taste of hazelnuts.  This is my favourite actually!

4) Shiok Wasabi peanuts - An exciting flavour with the bold wasabi taste, a really good combination with peanuts even for non wasabi-lovers!

5) Antioxidants Medley - The first mix in Singapore with huge, juice, sweet dates mixes with walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Definitely great for people to munch everywhere.

For the health-conscious, we have not forgotten about you! There is a new range of baked nuts that will be crunchier and tastier than the raw ones. Baking them enhances the flavour and texture which is why we have both raw and baked ones now. Try these highly recommended ones today:

1) Baked almonds

2) Baked cashews

3) Baked macadamia

4) Baked hazelnuts

5) Baked pecans

Not just that, we have reduced the packing size of the biscuits and crackers range. A smaller pack will ensure freshness and also, the price has come down considerably! A hot local favourite, Hae Bi Hiam cracker is also introduced to the market as an enjoyable snack

We hope that you will try our unique snacks and even let us know what other snacks you are looking for.

Happy snacking! :)


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