Sambal Shrimp Rolls (Hae Bi Hiam) 200g 蝦米香

$8.90 – $24.90

$9.90 $8.90

The ever popular Sambal shrimp rolls, a guaranteed snack for all Chinese families. The reason is because of the super fragrant shrimp paste, which is spicy, addictive and SHIOK! 

Combined with a super crunchy exterior, you just got to take more than a handful. I guarantee you will not just want to eat it during Chinese New Year. We dare to say it is definitely crunchier than the shrimp rolls sold in a popular bakery brand. Don't believe, try some today!

No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used

Ingredients: Dried prawns, wheat flour, onions, vegetables, vegetable oil, chilli, cane sugar, seasoning, salt

Country of origin: Indonesia



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