10 Interesting snacks from all around the world

by Jes @SnackFirst on Apr 26, 2018

10 Interesting snacks from all around the world

All around the world, we have different taste buds but Singaporeans love to travel so much that we are exposed to so many cultures. We are true foodies at heart so no matter how far, good food can always attract us.

In this list, we take a look at interesting, and sometimes scary looking snacks from all over the world, that you can include as a must-eat the next time you travel. 

Germany - Curry wurst

A twist from bratwurst, which is pork sausage, curry wurst is typically eaten with spicy ketchup sauce on the sausage. The spiciness of the ketchup sauce comes from curry powder and it is often served with fries. They are usually eaten as fast food or as take out food booths.


Argentina - Alfajores

Alfajores is the only snack in this list that looks like a delicious pastry. They are made with two round cookies with different sweet fillings between them, usually dulce de leche, a type of sweet, condensed milk filling. They can also be covered by powdered sugar, coconut or chocolate and is the most popular snack in Argentina.


Columbia - Hormigas culonas 

Across South America, these ants culonas or "big-bottomed" ants have been a nutritious regional delicacy.They are either fried or roasted with salt but it's better you do not scrutinize too closely if you want to eat them. These fried ants are harvested during rainy seasons and even served in high end establishments.


Japan - Mini crabs (Tamagogani)

Found in supermarkets and available in big bags, these freeze-dried mini fried crabs are a great snack with alcohol. Being super crunchy, sweet and savoury, these soft shelled crabs are a great protein source and even coated with a sweet sauce, they are really crispy like chips.


Egypt - Halawa or Halva

Popular in Europe and Africa, halva is popularly seen in the markets and is made from flour, sugar and butter. As they are generally sweet, they can be taken as desserts too. Nuts, seeds and colourings are usually added but they can also contain vegetables like carrots and pumpkins. In Egypt, it is believed that halva is a high value item within the incarcerated community, and is frequently brought to inmates by their families. It is also one of very few snacks that can withstand the high temperatures of Egypt. 


Mexico - Tamales

Tamales are flour wrapped and steamed in a corn husk or coconut leaves. They can be filled with all kinds of ingredients like meat, vegetables and cheese. The most common fillings are pork and chicken, in either red or green salsa. This snack is a special part of Mexican culinary tradition as they have different fillings for different festivals. 


China - Fried Scorpion

If you have been to their night markets, you will see many incredible street snacks that are very interesting. Not just scorpions, there are also cockroaches, silk worm cocoons, star fish, and sea horses. Scorpions are quite shocking because of their pincers but when fried, they are crispy if you can get past the appearance. In China, there is a saying that they eat everything that moves and the proof is out there in the night markets.  


India  - Vada Pav

India is big on vegetarian food and this vegetarian burger consists of a deep fried potato fritter placed inside a burger bun. It is also called a Bombay burger and eaten with chutney and green chilli. This burger is rich in carbohydrates and originally invented for labourers, costing less than US$0.50.  


Australia - Witchety Grub

Not for the faint-hearted, witchety grub is the large, white larvae of moths. We may be squeamish about eating worms but the Australian Aborigines have been eating them for decades. These worms are eaten live, but also can be cooked and barbecued till their skin becomes crispy. Despite the appearance, the taste is said to be similar to scrambled eggs. 


South Africa - Biltong

Biltong is the cousin of beef jerky, they are both dried, cured meat and eaten as snacks. In the early days of meat perservation, air drying, vinegar or salt was used to preserve meat longer and prevent degradation as refrigerators were not invented yet. This is how biltong came to be invented. 


So there you have some nice and shocking international snacks. Are you keen to try all of these or are you like me, who has decided that nuts are still the best?


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