5 Healthy snacks for office pantry and kids

by Jes @SnackFirst on Feb 26, 2019

5 Healthy snacks for office pantry and kids

If you can't stop your mouth from munching, you can at least find some better alternatives than potato chips that will not contribute to a widening waist line! There are many healthy snacks in replacement of the salt-laden, preservatives-full pre-packaged snacks available in the supermarket now. 

These healthy snacks are some options to restock your pantry and even give to little kids for their tea time:

1) Nuts

We don't have to say much since the benefits have been widely reported and even Health Hub is recommending this for everyone's daily intake. Not just having high amount of nutrients, a handful of it can help to curb your appetite and reduce over-eating! We have raw and unsalted versions for the health conscious and gourmet nuts for a refined taste, so do try some today. 

2) Fruits / Dried fruits

Berries are the best in term of the amount of antioxidants and nutrition. They are natural, healthy and thirst-quenching, perfect for our humid weather. Avocado is the king of all fruits in terms of healthy fats content and will help to improve our complexion. There is some truth to the proverb 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away', as the vitamins and minerals from the fruits are definitely sufficient!

3) Yoghurt

For a source of calcium and proteins, yoghurt is a good healthy snack. Even better if you can opt for greek yoghurt as they contain the highest amount of nutrition. Not just that, the probiotics content is great for bowel movements and our digestive systems. Score!

4) Popcorn

One of the most under-rated and often mistakenly labelled as junk food because they are served in cinemas, popcorn can be very healthy when there are no added ingredients. Low in fats and high in fiber, it is easy to pop them in your microwave and one thing is for sure, they are definitely tasty!

5) Cheese and crackers

Cheese can provide a healthy source of calcium and proteins. Go for low fat or unprocessed cheese to get the full benefits and pair them with wheat or oat crackers to get the crunch of snacks.

For all food, remember to read the labels as even the healthiest food can become unhealthy when they are processed or added with other ingredients!


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