Fun Facts about 10 Different Nuts!

by Jes @SnackFirst on Oct 31, 2017

Fun Facts about 10 Different Nuts!




Nuts used to be considered junk food, before people understood clearly that there is a difference between 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' fats now. Like legumes, nuts are now part and parcel of a plant-based healthy diet and can be the tastiest part of your healthy plate. If you are a fan of nuts like us, read on for some cool facts to wow your audience:

1) Almonds are still the most popular and versatile nut we know. Often referred to as the King of Nuts, this super food is very versatile. Not just eating them entirely as healthy snacks. they are also the most popular nut milk and butter! There also have the most variation available, with sliced, diced, powder form for cooking, baking and as salad toppings. 

2) Cashew nuts have incredibly toxic shells as they contain a horrible, corrosive liquid that can burn you similar to poison ivy. In Singapore, we love these plant-based snacks especially during Chinese New Year, where people give snack boxes that must contain roastec cashew nuts and pistachios, 

3) Brazil nuts is the most expensive nuts as they require a special large-bodied bees, also known as Orchid Bees. They are only found in Rainforest, which is why harvest has been small and limited. 

4) Pistachio is known as "happy nut" (开心果) in Chinese but "smiling nut" in Iran. Pistachios are green thanks to the high antioxidant content. This has been attributed to the chlorophyll content, similar to other vegetables.

5) Peanuts are the top most consumed nut in the world! Thanks to their affordable price and due to peanut oil, nut bars, cookies and peanut butter, we are actually eating a lot of nuts every day!  

6) The oldest, most senior, first to be known tree nuts is..... Walnuts! They are first documented at more than 12,000 years ago! It is undoubtedly also the healthiest nuts, as they are proven to fight cancer, delay aging and help in weight loss!

7) Macadamia nuts are harvested by picking them off the ground. Their shells are also the hardest among all nuts, which is why you can't open them with bare hands, or teeth! Do not feed macadamias to dogs! It is unknown which chemical is causing a toxic reaction but vomiting, fever and depression have been confirmed in dog behaviors

8) Pecans are actually the first nut on the moon! It was the perfect moon snack food for astronauts because they are lightweight, can be stored easily, easy to chew and still nutritious. 

9) Hazelnuts are best for baking and confectionary and has incredible flavour with chocolates and coffee. It's not wonder that 90% of the world's hazelnuts are used for confectionary. Think Nutella and Ferrero Rocher and they instantly evokes a taste!

10) Pine nuts come from pine trees (Christmas trees!) and are harvested from pine cones! These pine cones protect the pine nuts from harsh weather and can even close their scales when needed. Nature is that magical! 

Source: Huffpost

The daily limit of nuts is just one handful. No, I am not kidding but most people tend to overeat them as they are just too delicious.

You are what you eat. So if you eat nuts, well... what can I say? You are just nuts like us :)


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