Power Pistachio (Raw) 200g/1kg 生开心果

Power Pistachio (Raw/Baked) 200g/1kg 开心果(生/烘培)

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Product description

In sunny California, USA, rows and rows of pistachio trees are grown and harvested for more than 20 years now. These pistachio would be sorted out and cut perfectly before they travel all the way to us. The process of de-shelling these nuts on your own is the best way to get the freshest, most wholesome goodness from within. Shelled pistachios will always taste better and more fragrant as these shells protect and envelop the flavour and prevent loss of taste.

Pistachios have a refreshing and distinctive flavour which leaves behind a yearning for a second helping. For the maximum nutritional benefits, do try our raw nuts, which can be taken directly as snacks. If you prefer better crunchiness and enhanced nutty taste, baked nuts are just for you.

For raw pistachio: Ingredients: Pistachios and salt. Country of origin: USA. (Pistachios are lightly salted due to the brining process, and not intentionally added)

For baked pistachio: Ingredients: Pistachios and salt. Country of origin: Malaysia (Pistachios are lightly salted due to the brining process, and not intentionally added

在阳光明媚的美国加利福尼亚州,一排排开心果树已经种植和收获了 20 多年。这些开心果在运来之前会被挑选出来并完美切割。自己将这些坚果去壳的过程是从内部获取最新鲜、最有益健康的最佳方式。带壳开心果总是味道更好、更香,因为这些壳可以保护和包裹风味并防止味道流失。

开心果清爽独特的风味让人忍不住想再吃一次。为了获得最大的营养价值,请尝试我们的生开心果,它们可以直接作为零食食用。 如果您喜欢更好的脆度和加强的开心果味,烘培坚果正适合您。

生开心果:原料:开心果和盐。 原产国:美国。 (由于腌制过程,开心果略带盐味,并非有意添加)


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