Benefits of Walnuts - Fight cancer, delay aging, helps in weight loss

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jun 13, 2017

Benefits of Walnuts - Fight cancer, delay aging, helps in weight loss

Walnuts have been trending this decade thanks to new research on their wonderful health benefits. Besides, they are so tasty and crunchy! If you need some snacks every day, you should definitely consider incorporating walnuts into your life. Here are 5 reasons why.

1) Cancer fighting

You can lower the risk of breast or prostate cancer with daily intake of walnuts. Even if there are no other benefits, this particularly reason is good enough for you to scramble and purchase some walnuts now. You are what you eat, don't regret too late for not snacking healthy. It can start today.

2) Anti Aging 

Do you know which nut has the most antioxidants? And do you know walnuts have almost twice as much antioxidants compared to all the other nuts? Walnuts are the king of nuts for containing so much natural goodness. These antioxidants are useful to prevent free radical damage to our cells. With less damage, our body will age slower. A most natural way instead of taking botox. 

3) Weight Loss

Just by eating 7 whole walnuts or 14 halves a day can make you more satisfy and less likely to eat other unhealthy food. It's particularly important to control weight gain in new mothers, yet able to boost breast milk with great taste. A win-win-win just by consuming them.

4) Better Skin

Not just skin, walnuts are great for the hair, brain, eyes, basically the whole body! Walnuts help to prevent hair fall and improve texture, thereby strengthening them. There are Omega 3 fatty acids present that is proven to be good the brain and eyes. It is also good to get stronger bones. All in all, it's such a magical snack!

5) Healthy Heart

Besides being dairy and gluten free, walnuts contain a high amount of unsaturated fats that are effective in lowering cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. Eat and stay healthy, it's simple but not everyone knows about this.

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