5 reasons why old school snacks are so popular

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jun 15, 2017

5 reasons why old school snacks are so popular

There will be food trends that come and go. 2017 is no different and these trends ride on a temporary high and might should be gone. However, not the old school snacks we love in Singapore. We believe these biscuits will continue to be popular simply because of these reasons: 

1) A chance to relive some stories on why and when they bought old school snacks

We all know how it starts," 想当年 (In my days), we only have 20 cents of pocket money. But we chose to spend 10 cents on biscuits like iced gem. Then ah, your uncle bought this biscuits and give them to his girlfriend, you know? Never eat lunch go do such thing." Story telling times will actually give you more juicy details about someone. 

2) For the parents to show their children a part of their history

It will probably start off with,"You see last time ah, mummy and daddy eats biscuits like these. We don't eat potato chips or popcorn, that one too expensive. Got only string biscuits lor..." I know kids probably hear this many times but every time parents get a blast from the past, they may get too carried away in nostalgia. 


3) Parents know that eating old school snacks are still healthier than potato chips 

Biscuits are freshly baked and can't be kept too long because they do not have preservatives. Potato chips and other junk food are heavily processed so they can easily be stored in supermarkets for more than a few years. Most parents would rather their kids take biscuits like the potato wheel, which has less salt and sugar too. 

4) If the parents like them previously, their children should like it too

Since the parents know the taste, they also want their children to taste the same and it's highly probable that the kids love them, which is the case for just about any snacks. We like to give the ear biscuits out to our relatives and friends and the kids are always so happy to see snacks and they jump around with joy. The bad thing is they tore open the wrapper straight away and insisted to eat them! Better to give them out after a meal if not you will receive angry stares from parents. 

5) Adults themselves love to munch on them too

Last but not least, of course taste plays a huge part! It's old school snacks but not just kids' snack. We have given them to senior citizens in community centers and they told us they would occasionally buy these snacks for themselves and eat them. Their favourite is of course the Hearty peanut bar and Buttery roti kok.

We conclude that old school snacks will definitely be here to stay because of the incredible taste, unique crunch and natural goodness. Try some today!

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