Mission Tortilla chips with Tostitos salsa dip - Great sinful snack!

by Jes @SnackFirst on Aug 10, 2017

Mission Tortilla chips with Tostitos salsa dip - Great sinful snack!

How many of you are happy snackers like us? 

If you nod in understanding, fellow snackers, you would have known to combine tortilla chips with salsa dip. It's a wonderful way to snack but yet not many know about it. 

Plain tortilla chips are good enough. It gives the crispy texture together with a fresh taste of chips. The salsa chips will be the one supplying the savoury, delicious taste. I agree it is pretty sinful and unhealthy, but we all have our diet fail days. Trust me, the cold, sweet yet spicy salsa sauce with chunks of tomatoes, onions and peppers really pack a punch! 

It's this exact taste of crispy, juicy and spicy explosion inside the mouth that keeps us addicted. Mind you, the price is not cheap too. Both of them add up to be around $10+ just for a pitiful amount. Unfortunately, no other snacks can replicate this sweet and spicy taste which is why this is one of our favourite party snack! 

Beware, eating this snack is messy as fingers will get dirty.

All of the bigger supermarkets in Singapore sell this. We found those in NTUC Finest and Cold Storage. Both will be located under the snacks or chips section, usually placed beside each other. If you can't take spicy food, then you can buy the Mild Salsa sauce. It also comes in Medium and Hot level of spiciness. 

We like the combination of sweet and spicy which is why Medium is our pick. Hot is really pretty spicy and the hotness does lingers in your mouth. If you have not tried it, it's time to try some during a nice, relaxing afternoon. Next up, cheese dip anyone?

Snacks give happiness, snack for life! 


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