Superfruit Blackcurrants 200g/1kg 强果黑加仑干

Superfruit Blackcurrants 200g/1kg 强果黑加仑干

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Product description

Blackcurrants -One of the most nutritious fruits in the world!

Blackcurrants are popularly know in Ribena drink but not many know how healthy they really are. We have written a whole blog post on them because they are really a wonderful super fruit but in short, they have the highest amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants among fruits.

Best of all, these dried fruits do not have sugar added in them! They look and taste similar to raisins but have a slightly sweeter and more flavourful punch to them. Try some every day to prevent aging!

Ingredient: Blackcurrants only

Country of origin: USA

黑加仑 - 世界上其中一种最有营养的水果!黑加仑子在 Ribena 饮料中广为人知,但很少有人知道它们到底有多健康。因为它们确实是一种美妙的超级水果,但简而言之,它们在水果中含有最多的维生素 C 和抗氧化剂。最棒的是,这些干果没有加糖!它们的外观和味道与葡萄干相似,但味道更甜、味道更浓。每天尝试一些以防止衰老!



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