Honey Red Dates (Deglet Nour) 200g/1kg 红蜜枣干

Honey Red Dates (Deglet Nour) 200g/1kg 红蜜枣干

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Product description

The Queen of all dates - The Deglet Nour (Deglet Noor) variety. 

These dates do not have any additional honey, they are naturally sweet, juicy and huge! These are just right and satisfying as snacks. If you want to cook them in soups, you can take our Jumbo Red Dates instead. Muslims like to take dates to break fast as the snack helps to satisfy the hunger pangs and prevents over eating.

An insider tip is to take these dates with raw walnuts as the sweetness of the red dates blends well with the walnuts and give a boost to the taste. Try some today!

 All natural flavour, no additional ingredients

 Ingredient: Dried red dates only

Country of origin: Tunisia

红枣中的皇后种类,就是这 Deglet Nour (Deglet Noor) 品种。这些枣并没有任何额外的蜂蜜,它们是天然甜美多汁而且!这些作为零食恰到好处且令人满意。如果您想将它们煮成汤,穆斯林喜欢吃这类枣来开斋,因为这种小吃有助于缓解饥饿感并防止暴饮暴食。



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