Floral Pineapple Tarts 180g/5.5kg 花心凤梨酥

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Looking at these pretty floral pineapple tarts, you can picture the sunny blue sky.

To give you a taste of a relaxing summer, these thick pineapple jam is generously lathered on 2 slabs of crunchy biscuits that taste like buttery perfection. With each bite, the pineapple jam oozes out a strong taste of natural sweetness, giving you a taste of the popular pineapples from Thailand. The pineapple flavour is done just right and goes well with the crunchiness of the biscuits. We guarantee they will give you the same dreamy look. Not commonly found elsewhere so don't keep them to yourselves, share the joy, share the enjoyment!

Halal certified

No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used

Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm oil, milk powder, salt, sugar, pineapple jam

Country of origin: Thailand


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