Top Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore

by Jes @SnackFirst on Apr 26, 2024

Top Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New year, is a time of reunion and celebration for families across the world. Wearing red, setting off firecrackers, having lion dances and tossing 'yusheng' are some of the traditions during this festive month. These traditions are believed to ward off evil and welcome wealth and prosperity to your upcoming new year.   

It is also customary to prepare various delicious snacks and treats in the house, and invite friends and relatives to visit and feast together.

Here are some of the top Chinese New Year snacks:

1. Pineapple Tarts: Similar to Hari Raya's Kuih Tart, pineapple tarts are bite-sized buttery pastries filled with sweet pineapple jam. They are popular during Chinese New Year as pineapples symbolize wealth and prosperity. The colour in orange/gold looks auspicious and the shape somewhat looks like gold ingots. 


2. Nuts and Seeds: Nuts such as peanuts, cashews, and almonds, are commonly served during Chinese New Year gatherings. They symbolize fertility, longevity, and wealth and are good accompaniments to beverages. Sunkissed Cashew and Power Baked Pistachio are the classic favourite but if you are looking for something unique, the Satay Crunch CashewHoney Sesame Jumble and Mala Spicy Peanuts are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. 


3. Love Letters and Wafers (Kueh Kapit): Thin, crispy, and rolled wafer cookies often flavored with coconut milk. They are a favorite snack during Chinese New Year and symbolize good fortune and sweetness in the coming year. We have the original, pandan, peanut and even chicken floss version.


4. Crackers (Prawn Fries Crackers): How to entertain kids with non-spicy stuff? Give them these fries and they will definitely want the whole bottle! These are crunchy and not so hard, with real prawns used for its umami flavour. Savoury and crunchy, only sold during the Lunar New Year! 


5. Chilli Rolls (Sambal Shrimp Rolls): Crispy and savory shrimp-flavored chips are commonly served as snacks during Chinese New Year celebrations. Spicy ones like Sambal Shrimp Rolls and Spicy Chilli Prawns are a big hit among adults while the kids will go for Prawn 'keropok' or heritage biscuits. 


6. Cookies: Savoury cookies are very popular and you will find a myriad of flavours and colours for the festive season. Peanut, cashew, bangkit cookies are usually the top 3, while the rest like green pea, salted egg, coconut cookies are for those adventurous taste buds. We have these cookies all year round so you do not need to wait for Chinese New Year to enjoy them. 

7. Chips (Arrowhead and Seaweed): Having something crispy is mandatory for all festivals as everyone can munch during movie or chat sessions. Arrowhead roots are not commonly grown and the chips are often only grown during start of the year. They are delightfully light and crispy, and considered one of the more healthier choice because it's made from arrowhead plants. Seaweed chips are also popular due to their affordability and umami taste, so they are definitely a seasonal snack. 

8. Sticky Rice Cakes (Nian Gao): Made primarily from glutinous rice flour, they taste sweet and chewy and may have pandan or red bean taste. Its stickiness is believed to symbolize the family sticking together. Besides steaming the cake, fried version are also popular and some also fry them with eggs and meat.

9. Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky): The process of making pork jerky involves marinating thin slices of pork with a mixture of spices, sugar, and sometimes soy sauce or other flavorings. The marinated pork is then air-dried or baked until it becomes a chewy, flavorful snack. Exchanging Bak Kwa among families also symbolises wealth and prosperity, and they are a mandatory snack among the Chinese during the Lunar New Year. 

10. Fruits (Oranges)Oranges or tangerines hold significant symbolism during Chinese New Year celebrations and are commonly exchanged together with auspicious greetings to bestow well wishes on others. They are healthy and juicy and the colour resembles gold coins. Instead of oranges, we have the Huat Kumquat Cookies which are made in small batches with our unique formulation.

These snacks are just a sampling of the wide variety of delicious foods enjoyed during Chinese New Year festivities, each carrying symbolic meaning and cultural significance. Some stocks are only available during the Chinese New Year season so do remember to grab them when you see it! 

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