Snacks to go

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 30, 2017

Snacks to go

We have mentioned enough about the health benefits that it's time to talk about the other physical benefits of buying nuts.

One of the reasons why we embark on a nuts and seeds business is because of the shelf life. They can easily last more than 1 year in proper storage conditions at room temperature. Thus even if you buy them in bulk to save costs like us, you are assured of a long storage stability.

The nuts and seeds are dry and easy to carry around too. One good thing that came out of this is the ease of delivering it. Due to the hardy and resilient nature, we thought of letting the delivering costs by working with Sing Post… and it worked! More people can get these snacks conveniently and without overpaying for the logistics.

You can also carry these ziploc stand up bags around to picnics, cinema, shopping, KTV sessions, Pokémon hunting and more. They are perfect as gifts as most people like these snacks and they are not as commercialised and unhealthy as chocolates.

Baby showers, maternity packages, get well soon hamper, birthday presents, wedding and house warming ideas? They can definitely serve as a thoughtful gift with our party packs.

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