Foods to chase away the morning sickness

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jan 23, 2018

Foods to chase away the morning sickness

Pregnancy is like a roller coaster. You will get all sorts of weird issues and discomfort that will last for a short time. From constipation, bloatedness to dizziness and vomits, everything can occur for morning sickness (or it should be called the All-day sickness). Thankfully, there are foods that can brighten your days and help to get past the 6 to 12 weeks phase and yes, there is some logic to it.

1) Cold food

I drank iced water and crave for ice cream and ice kachang all the time. It came to a point that I have to hide the fact that I take ice kachang regularly as my mum would definitely talk me against it. Chinese medicine usually advise against taking cold food as they weaken our kidney and bladder. For a pregnant lady feeling terrible, who keeps vomiting and have no appetite, I just eat whatever I feel like. It is not just me. Cold food is easier to swallow and usually does not have a strong aroma that will trigger our gag reflex. Ice kachang ftw!

2) Salty food and snacks

Hunger is a no-no for pregnant ladies. An empty stomach sets off nausea easily especially when you wake up in the morning. So try to leave some snacks on your table top so you can grab some and munch before you start the day. I have vomited in plastic bags when I was outdoors which is why I started keeping nuts and biscuits in my bag. Salt helps to calm your stomach which is why salted crackers suddenly taste so great. Pregnancy is the best excuse to snack, not that you need any.

3) Lemons or oranges

A fresh scent and refreshing taste from lemons or oranges can help to calm the stomach. My ex-colleague likes to peel the orange during her first trimester as that the citrus scent soothes her tremendously. If this does not help, try drinking ginger and peppermint tea which can ease nausea. I just drink hot tea in general, it is great in settling my mood and stomach.

4) Fiber and vitamins

Constipation is a common occurrence in pregnancy so dietary fiber would really help to ease the bowels every day.Take more vegetables and fruits than normal and enjoy those food that are probiotics-rich, such as kimchi, yoghurt, pickles and sauerkraut. Not just probiotics, healthy snacks that are full of vitamins would be beneficial to both mother and baby. These snacks include walnuts, kale chips,  carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and almonds. Try our Fruity Veggie Medley for a mix of crisp of many kinds of vegetables and fruits.

5) Whole wheat and whole grains

These complex carbohydrates help to hold on to more water so that your stools would not be so tough and difficult to eliminate. Rice and bread make up a big portion of our meals for Asians so you should be able to see some improvement just by changing to whole grains. 

For any food, just take in moderation and try not to consume too much sugar. Take small meals, small bites, small snacks and rest more than you would want to. If your body needs the rest or a specific food, don't fight it, give in to the cravings.

Make yourself happy and you will find time flies a lot faster to get to the next trimester. 

Most importantly, have a happy pregnancy!


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