Ketogenic Pili Nuts (Raw Kenari Nuts) 200g/1kg 生霹雳果

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Product description

Pili nuts? Kenari nuts? Not many have heard of them. They are known for both names and are more popular in Indonesia and Philippines.

Pili nuts' taste is in between macadamia and almonds, but they come in a bigger, flatter shape like a UFO or sliced almonds. Definitely, you can't find these exotic nuts elsewhere! They are considered one of the healthiest nuts with high fat content like macadamia and only 1 gram of carbohydrates per 28g serving, surely a good fit for ketogenic diet.

 Ingredient: Raw pili nuts only (Or kenari nuts)

Country of origin: Indonesia

霹雳果? 凯纳里坚果?没有多少人听说过它们。以这两个名字而闻名,在印度尼西亚和菲律宾备受欢迎。

霹雳果的味道介于澳洲坚果和杏仁之间,但它们的形状更大、更扁平,如 UFO 或杏仁片。当然,您在其他地方找不到这些奇异的坚果!它们被称为是最健康的坚果之一,与澳洲坚果有一样脂肪含量,每 28 克仅含 1 克碳水化合物,非常适合生酮饮食。

成分:生霹雳果(或 凯纳里坚果)


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