Healthy Snacks & Drinks Box and Hamper

$16.90 – $60.00

Cruncher BoxCruncher Box
Choc Lover BoxChoc Lover Box
Snacker BoxSnacker Box
Healthy Nut HamperHealthy Nut Hamper
Treat Yo'Self HamperTreat Yo'Self Hamper
Family Favourites HamperFamily Favourites Hamper

Gifts do not have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts. Usually it is hard to buy someone special a gift that they love, so how about some healthy snacks and drinks? It's tasty, practical and it shows them that you care a lot about their health, which is something you can't restore with any amount of money. Plus, this gift is definitely value for money with the number of variety!

 Cruncher Box Choc Lover Box Snacker Box
Snack 1 150g Sweet Mustard Soya Crisps 150g Chocolate Pretzels 150g Sweet Mustard Soya Crisps
Snack 2 95g Oishi Japanese Nuts 95g Cocoa Power Medley 150g Oishi Japanese Nuts
Snack 3 N.A N.A 200g Cocoa Power Medley
Drink Choose any 1 drink

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Possible reactions

Just the thing I need today 💪

Oh! I was just thinking about you!

Aww 💗 just nice for me.

Looking for something bigger? Go for our hampers 👇

 Healthy Nut Hamper Treat Yo'Self Hamper
Family Favourites Hamper
3 standard size snacks
150g Sweet Mustard Soya Crisps
200g Cocoa Power Medley
200g Tango Mango
5 mid-size variety packs 95g Antioxidants Medley 95g Chocolate Apricots Chewy Nougats 150g Nostalgic Iced Gem
95g Supreme Hearty Medley 95g Cinnamon Chocolate Almonds 150g Happy Pineapple Tarts
95g Supreme Brainy Medley 95g Party Yoghurt Raisins 95g Party Yoghurt Raisins
70g Truly Veggie Medley 95g Chocolate Pretzels 95g Chocolate Pretzels
70g Squirrel Baked Walnuts 95g Bar Snacks Medley 95g Chocolate Raisins
5 mini single-serve packs 25g Apple Chia Seeds Pastilles
25g Juicy Apricots
25g Berry Nutty Medley
25g Oishi Japanese Nuts
25g Crunchy Medley
Drink Choose any 2 drinks

1 gift card with your personal message

Possible reactions

Wah, so many snacks! Let's share!

Good leh, I can try a little of everything.

Hmm.. My kids gonna go crazy 😲

So value for money lah!


Labels and customisation

1) Custom card You can add in your personal message and we will include it in the box. Do include the message when you check out under "Additional instructions". You can also send us the excel file or drop us an email on this.

2) Box cover sticker (For purchase of more than 10 boxes to 1 location) - You have the added option to customise the entire sticker pasted on the box cover. For individual locations, the airway bill will be pasted instead.

3) Snack label (For purchase of more than 10 boxes) You can also choose your own snack label from our existing templates or design a new label. All customisations are printed at no extra cost. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks lead time for us to print your labels and pack the snacks.

Add Express shipping to your cart if you need them fast. Advance notice of 2 hours needed, cut off time at 3pm for week days. This is only for week days as we are closed on public holidays and weekends. 

More information on drinks (Click here). We also have Snacks-only boxes without drinks

For bulk orders, please email us an excel file with 5 columns: Name, Mobile number, Address, Postal Code and Drinks. For other customisations, do call us at 6684 1769 or email us at for more details.



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