Cigar Chocolate Rolls 150g/600g 巧克力卷

$4.90 – $12.90


A show of hands how many of you have tried using these biscuit rolls to pretend you are smoking a cigar? It's like a definite thing to do in the make believe world and makes you feel like a pretty bad-ass gangster. 

Well, the best thing is these rolls can still be eaten! The tender taste of the biscuits rolls coupled with not-super-sweet chocolate flavours are the best rewards for yourself and your children. Get back the young-at-heart side of you and try these today. 

*They crumble easily so it's best to buy at least 3 bags so we can upgrade you to a courier delivery.*

No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, corn starch, E322 emulsifier, salt, E150 artificial caramel flavour

Country of origin: Malaysia

*Crumbles should be expected as the rolls are quite vulnerable.*



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