SnackFirst - Let's Fight Diabetes

1 in 9 Singaporeans suffer from diabetes and the figure raises to 3 in 10 for people over the age of 60. We also spend an average of 8 years of our life in sickness! These are the staggering statistics emphasized by our prime minister during this year's national day rally speech and it showed that our diabetes problem is real and very serious.

Going for health checkups, exercising more and eating healthy are the 3 key solutions suggested. We at SnackFirst understand that we can contribute to the eating healthy movement, and thus decided to slash our prices for our range of raw and baked nuts. They are now discounted at up to 20% off! 

We do this because nuts help in preventing diabetes and are proven to be beneficial to diabetic patients. Their low GI (glycemic index) let you maintain a balance blood sugar level and high good cholesterol keeps your heart healthy. Do check out our blog post to understand the health benefits of nuts against diabetes better.

Never before do you see such prices. So hurry and get your daily intake of almond, walnut, pistachios and many more! To keep our nuts fresh and wholesome, they are sent to your doorstep directly from wholesale sources. Start browsing and as always, happy snacking!


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