Zumba Brazil Nuts (Raw/Baked) 200g/1kg 巴西豆(生/烘培)

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Flavour: Raw
Baked without salt
Weight: 200g
500g x 2 bags
RM46.00 MYR
Tax included.
Product description

Announcing the highly anticipated, top selenium contributing nuts - Brazil Nuts! Contrary to its name, these nuts are imported not from Brazil but from Bolivia.  The nuts keep you happy, improves your complexion and slows down aging. That's the wonderful benefits of having a high selenium content, which is an antioxidant!

Not just that, it is a great snack that tastes like creamy macadamia but with a harder crunch. They can easily satisfy any cravings with just the recommended serving size of 7 nuts a day.

Raw nuts have the most nutrition as they are not 'processed' and retains the most vitamins. If you do not want salt in your snacks but yet prefer better crunchiness, baked nuts are just for you. 

 All natural flavour, no additional ingredients

 Ingredient: Brazil nuts only

Country of origin: Bolivia (Raw brazil nuts), Singapore (Baked brazil nuts)



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