Shiok Salted Egg Peanuts 200g/1kg 咸蛋花生

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Weight: 200g
500g x 2 bags
Flavour: Salted Egg
Salted Egg
RM23.00 MYR
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Product description

I hear you, baked nuts are healthy but boring. For parties, you need salted and roasted nuts that can go well with drinks and alcohol. Roasting with salt enhances their nutty flavour and bring out the unique taste of the nuts, but using salted egg alleviates the taste to a whole new umami level! 

The crunchiness of peanuts and the saltiness of the flavour combines to give an extremely addictive snack, plus the flavourful seaweed flakes.... You just won't stop until you finish the whole bag!

 Ingredients: Peanuts, flour, salted egg yolk seasoning, seaweed, sugar, salt

 Country of origin: Malaysia


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