Lovely Strawberries (Organic Sun Dried) 200g/1kg 爱心草莓干

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Weight: 200g
500g x 2 bags
RM46.00 MYR RM53.00 MYR
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Product description

Fresh strawberries spoil too fast.

Even in the fridge, you have to consume them within a few days before it becomes inedible. That frustrates some home cooks and bakers who would love the extended shelf life to experiment with more recipes. Many like to use them in frostings, smoothies, granola and oatmeals, though I have to admit they don't taste as juicy! These strawberries are also great for those on keto or low carb diet, perfect as a guilt-free snack.

 Ingredients:  Strawberries only

Country of origin: Turkey


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