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      Tango Mango 200g/1kg 起舞芒果干

      In the market, there are 2 types of dried mango, namely those from Thailand and Philippines.  Actually, these are the trade names. The lighter colour and sweet version are from 'Thailand' while the darker colour and more chewy version are from 'Philippines'. To be honest, both countries can produce both...

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      Shiok Salted Egg Peanuts 200g/1kg 咸蛋花生

      I hear you, baked nuts are healthy but boring. For parties, you need salted and roasted nuts that can go well with drinks and alcohol. Roasting with salt enhances their nutty flavour and bring out the unique taste of the nuts, but using salted egg alleviates the taste to a...

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      Raspberry Dark Chocolate Almonds 200g/1kg 山莓巧克力杏仁

      40% of the world's almonds are bought by chocolate manufacturers for precisely this reason, to make almonds coated with chocolates!  These decadent and sinful delights are worth the calories simply because the rich and sweet raspberry chocolates go so well with the crunchy, savoury almonds within. Dipped in 60% dark chocolate...

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      Almonds + Cashews + Macadamia Nuts Bundle 3 x 200g Box 杏仁腰豆夏威夷果盒

      Our top 3 favourite nuts bundled together so that we can enjoy them together! Almonds, cashews and macadamias are the most popular nuts in Singapore and now, you can choose whether you want them raw (unprocessed and with the most nutritional benefits), baked (crunchy and enhanced nutty flavour) or honey...

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      Thank You So Much Snacker Box 2021

      Give the gift of health to your loved ones, they deserve the very best and healthy snacks! This snacks gift box has a size of 29.5*23.5*9cm and is a sleeve box that is pushed out sideways. What will be in the package: Items Snack Gift Box Snack 1 200g Cocoa Power Medley...

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