Dash Sparkling Water x 300ml cans

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You are desperately seeking a refreshing drink that keeps you hydrated.

You overdid it the night before and need a healthy boost to take the edge off.

You are looking for a zero sugar mixer. Don’t forget the garnish.

You want a drink that you feel virtuous drinking but tastes too good to be true.

Organic, vegan, keto & diabetes friendly. 

Country of origin: Australia

Flavour/Expiry dates:

Lemon: Dec 2024

Peach: Nov 2024

Cucumber: Aug 2024

Raspberry: Jan 2025

Lime: April 2025

You can mix and match the flavours, we will divide the quantity accordingly to the number of flavours you chose! 


Lemon flavoured sparkling water will simply make you smile. A ray of sunshine that packs a punch.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Lemon Extract, Natural Flavourings, Citric Acid. 


Peach sparkling water is as smooth as it is timeless. A true peach of a thirst quencher

Ingredients: Carbonated spring water, natural flavourings, peach extract, acid; Malic acid. 


Cucumber: a moment of ahhh-aaa. Chill out with our understated classic.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Cucumber Extract, Natural Flavourings, Citric Acid. 


Raspberry is our jammiest offering. Deceptively sweet yet wild by nature.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Raspberry Extract, Natural Flavourings, Citric Acid. 


Lime sparkling water is bursting with deliciously zesty flavours. Bold, bright, and 100% natural... your new squeeze.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Lime Extract, Natural Flavourings, Citric Acid. 

We also have Curated snacks with drinks box. For customisations, do email us at contact@snackfirst.com for more details.

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