Why snacks?

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 28, 2017

Why snacks?

We got asked this question quite a lot. On why we started a business selling healthy snacks, and why nuts were the first to be introduced. There were a few ideas that we went through but this was the best business idea we had just because of these reasons:


1) You can't really find them in supermarket or groceries shop. The store brands are all full of preservatives and artificial flavourings, rendering them unhealthy or overly processed. We believe that what we sell are naturally tasty and many people will want to take them raw and without preservatives like us.

2) Shelf life for most nuts are up to 1 year if kept in good storage conditions so it bodes well for start ups like us who have to worry about low traffic. 

3) Wholesalers do not sell online. Yes, it would be cheaper to buy from them but they do not sell all kinds of healthy snacks and the most established ones do not have a dominant online presence. 

4) We believe strongly that there is a growing trends towards healthy food and snacks. Younger generations are increasingly looking at labels and ingredients, being more educated and technological savvy. That these snacks are so tasty made promoting them ultra easy!

5) Health is the top most priority for everyone. Without good health, we cannot achieve what we want in life. Relationships, money, career, happiness, all these are nothing if you are not healthy. So, we hope to get more people to snack healthily and boost their bodily functions yet enjoy themselves doing so.

It definitely beats eating medicine and suitable for kids, elderly, vegans, people on paleo diets, athletes, people trying to lose weight, pregnant mothers, new mothers.... basically everyone! Snack healthy, SnackFirst

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