What is wasabi?

by Jes @SnackFirst on Oct 04, 2017

What is wasabi?

Our curiosity with wasabi started not just when we ate them, but also when we frequently use them to prank the groom's men during gatecrash parties. People just love wasabi a lot, and we have received many enquiries on wasabi flavoured nuts too.

With a spicy, zesty, exciting flavour, what exactly is wasabi?

Real wasabi that comes from the plant Wasabia Japonica gives a totally different taste than what we have been eating. There are no lingering after taste but the fresh wasabi taste cleaner and more herbal.  It is also well known that fresh wasabi has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and are great to consume every day.

However, the wasabi that we eat is actually a mixture of horseradish, mustard and food coloring and not from the plant itself. Even in Japan, there is not high demand for it as the taste does not last for more than 15 minutes and before then, the taste does not burn your whole nostril or intestines. It's not as 'shiok' definitely. 

What is definitely 'shiok'? 

It is no doubt, our Shiok Wasabi Green Peas and Shiok Wasabi Peanuts. The wasabi green peas are crunchy and not as spicy as they are not evenly coated with the wasabi layers. The wasabi peanuts are uniformly coated so they have a different crunch and stronger wasabi taste. 

There are people who don't like wasabi and are afraid of the overwhelming taste. If so, the wasabi green peas might be more suitable for a first try. Some people has commented that our wasabi peanuts are really tasty, spicy and incredibly addictive so you are warned! 

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