Top 5 food trends in Singapore 2016

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 21, 2017

Top 5 food trends in Singapore 2016

We are still going crazy over these food that started trending since last year. Now that the hype finally died down slightly, most of us could taste them and finally understand the long queues. Let's see what are the food that made us lose our rationality: 

1) Bingsu - Kpop is here to stay and Kdramas are just taking South East Asia by storm! From their fashion to songs to drama and food, everything Korean seems to be trending. Bingsu is just perfect for Singapore's weather and they look so romantic for couples to share one big bowl. Not to forget the drool-worthy pictures you can get.

2) Rainbow/Galaxy everything - They look so pretty in pictures which is no wonder they started trending easily. Children love them and adults like to show them off in social media, but I am not so sure if their taste is also that unique!

3) Salted Egg Yolk - With Mcdonalds and Breadtalk jumping on the bandwagon, you can be sure that salted egg yolk flavour is going to expand to more areas. Burger patty, croissant, tarts, snacks, western food, prawns, crab, fish skin and many more dishes, salted egg yolk seems to go well with everything! Addictive and sinful, the flavour definitely pack a punch!

4) Cheese anything - From cheese fondue, cheese hotpot, raclette cheese wheel, Japanese cheese tarts... Chocolate fondue is so yesterday and we Singaporeans just love our cheese. Luckily you do not have to queue for 2 hours anymore for the to-die-for-but-oh-so-expensive baked cheese tarts. Bread talk also have them but it's not as creamy inside. 

5) Health food bowls - Everything above are so sinfully delicious but not to worry, on diet days, we still treasure our pockets and health. Eating clean is not a rich man's thing anymore and many restaurants are making them affordable. We see more yoghurt, salad and organic shops popping up and the trend is definitely here to stay. Of course, we are also playing our part supplying the condiments with our nuts, seeds, dried fruits

Which trend do you think will remain in 2017?


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