The best and healthiest types of oil for cooking

by Jes @SnackFirst on Dec 12, 2017

The best and healthiest types of oil for cooking

There are so many types of oils, from olive, sunflower, canola, coconut, peanut, corn and even avocado oil. How do we choose from them and which will be healthier for the whole family?

This post is for home cooks and super parents who like to cook for the whole family. Let's take a look at their differences and usage, starting with the healthiest oil:


1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
What is it? Olives are pressed together and the oil is extracted. 
Ideal cooking: Stir fry or drizzled over salads and dips. As their smoke point is low, higher temperature ruins the flavour and nutrition so it is certainly not used in deep fried food. 
Nutritional info: The healthiest oil of all time with high amount of healthy fats and antioxidants, yet has a flavourful taste.
What's more: You can use it to make olive oil ice cream!

2. Avocado Oil
What is it? The newest oil that is trending for clean eats nowadays.
Ideal cooking: Fried dishes but it's the most expensive oil
Nutritional info:  It's as healthy as extra virgin olive oil, just that it gives a neutral flavour.
What's more: The lutein it contains can help improve eyesight!

3. Canola Oil
What is it? Rapeseed plants are pressed together and this canola oil extracted is similar to vegetable oil in terms of flavour and quality. 
Ideal cooking: Widely versatile and can used for all cooking methods! With such a high smoke point, they are regularly used in fried food but can also be used everywhere else. 
Nutritional info: Reasonable amount of healthy fats for its price and great for home kitchens.
What's more: Canola oil turn rancid easily within a year so better not buy such a big bottle!
4. Sunflower Oil
What is it? Made from the pressed seeds of sunflowers, it has similar properties with vegetable oils like canola and corn oil.
Ideal cooking: Deep fry, roasting, baking and stir fry, basically all methods! 
Nutritional info:  It's has high amount of healthy fats so is great for a heart-healthy diet.
What's more: Sunflowers can grow up to 3.6m! That is a terribly tall flower.

5. Corn Oil
What is it? Corn oil is similar to canola oil as they are both vegetable oils.
Ideal cooking: Deep frying as the cost is cheap.
Nutritional info: Similar to canola oil though most will think it is unhealthy as it is associated with unhealthy food like french fries and fried chicken.
What's more: They are widely used in commercial kitchens and restaurants thanks to the affordable price and high smoke point.

6. Peanut Oil
What is it? The most flavourful oil of all time, which brings a nutty taste to your meals.
Ideal cooking: Same as canola oil, they can be used for any cooking methods.
Nutritional info: It's low in unhealthy fats and has a rich, nutty flavour. Not everyone likes the nutty taste though. 
What's more: They are frequently used in Asian dishes and high heat cooking!

7. Coconut Oil
What is it? Coconut oil is actually a solid in room temperature. 
Ideal cooking: Roasting and baking only! They are a great substitute for butter and gives off a tropical aroma. Definitely great for cakes and cookies and also suitable as a non-dairy options.
Nutritional info: Coconut drinks are great to hydrate your body but coconut oil has been proven to be not as healthy as one might think due to the high amount of unhealthy fats.
What's more: People apply them on their body or hair and used as a beauty product!
For me
I usually have 2 kinds of cooking oils in my kitchen. One is Extra Virgin Olive Oil for low heat, stir fry, western dishes such as pasta and baked chicken. The other is canola oil for regular cooking and more Asian dishes.
What about you? 

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